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Our Process
  • a 4-step plan for success
Free Lead Generation Proposal
Our Online Marketing Specialists will prepare a Lead Generation Webside and discuss with you how we focus your lead generation program to send you only motivated Extremely Targeted Leads.
Custom-Built Lead Generation Program
We create a LeadSite conversion based website customized for your business and then actively promote it on the top search engines and local directories. Targeting the top keywords for your products and services, we focus on driving new leads to your business.
Get Leads & Track Results Immediately
You’ll start receiving local customer leads by  email.
– you can see phone numbers and email addresses.
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Turn Leads into Customers & Make Changes Anytime
Your LEADS by leadsgenie.com program evolves with your expanding business. When you add new products and services or are ready to target different geographical areas, simply call your dedicated LEADS specialist and your program will be updated accordingly.
Exemple: LeadsGenie's specially customize websites